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Your Engaging, Explosive Content Starts Here

Bombtrack Media is dedicated to helping brands across the Pittsburgh region and beyond build results-driven podcast content in a flexible, time-saving seasonal format.

By focusing on a seasonal approach, you have the ability to leverage the podcast medium while not committing to a full-time podcasting schedule. This allows you to maintain focus on your primary initiatives while still providing your audience with meaningful information that builds trust, provides insight and solutions, and establishes authority across your industry.

We emphasize the aspects of podcasting that will serve your brand the most:

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We utilize a strategic process to take your podcast from concept to launch with ease, helping you cultivate your ideas and focusing on what makes your brand stand out. 

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When it comes to putting the final product together, we do the heavy lifting, handling all aspects of audio and video production so your audience gets your very best.

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By focusing on repurposing content and presenting a quality resource to your audience, not only will your podcast grow, but your brand will grow at the same time.

We also offer coaching, consulting, and video creation services. Learn more below!

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Our flagship service gives you a bona fide partner in the podcast game. Together, we'll cultivate your content and utilize it to educate consumers, enhance brand visibility, and position you as a resource in your field.

We make podcasting easy. You bring the knowledge and wisdom...we'll handle the rest!

Initial Setup Initiatives


  • Brainstorming and Launch Process Implementation

  • Podcast Cover & Additional Artwork Design

  • Podcast Host Setup & Management

  • Directory Setup - preparing your podcast for release on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other major directories - 

Production & Post-Production Initiatives


  • Episode Creation

  • Comprehensive Audio Editing

  • Individual Episode Cover Creation

  • SEO-Friendly Show Notes

  • Episode Release Management

  • Long-Form Video Editing

  • Short-Form Video Clip Creation

  • Ongoing Training, Coaching, & Consulting

Your podcast will be produced in a professional studio, meaning audio and video content will be the highest quality AND you won't need to purchase any equipment of your own!


If you are already producing a podcast for your brand or plan to handle your efforts on a DIY basis, we offer hourly and retainer-based coaching + consulting plans to provide you with any additional assistance needed. There's no reason to do everything yourself (as they say, it takes a village, right?) and we're happy to share our experience with you so you're always pointed in the right direction.

Areas of focus for consulting include, but are not limited to:


  • Podcast Production

  • Audio and Video Editing + Short-Form Clip Creation

  • Podcast Marketing + Advertising

  • Maximizing Podcast Content + Repurposing Best Practices

  • Utilizing AI in Podcasting

  • Podcast Guesting - How to Make the Most Impact As a Guest On Established Podcasts

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At Bombtrack Media, we're all about repurposing your podcast content so you maximize your productions and stand out as a thought leader in your industry on multiple platforms.

But what if you don't have a podcast yet? No problem, we have a solution.

With our Video Creation Simplified program, you'll get 12 engaging, fully-edited short-form video clips built to showcase your expertise on your most popular social media platforms...all from just one 30-minute virtual recording session!

Get 12 Targeted Videos In Only 30 Minutes

How It Works


  • We'll research and discover the burning questions being asked in your space

  • We'll connect with you in a virtual setting for a 30-minute recording session to capture your insights and hot takes

  • We'll pull 12 clips from your recording session, edit, add captions, transitions, and branding

  • We'll deliver these clips directly to you and your team and help you maximize their usage across your digital landscape

Video Creation Simplified is perfect for busy professionals looking to give their social media presence a boost while simultaneously saving time and reducing stress.


Schedule a free consultation to take the first step!

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