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Explosive Podcast Production 

The following is a complete breakdown of services Bombtrack Media will perform for you as we take your podcast from idea to asset. Our partnership will help you leverage the podcast medium in dynamic fashion without the need to take on a full-time podcaster’s schedule.

What You'll Get:

Content Planning & Development: Working closely with your podcast host(s) to plan, research, and develop content for each episode. This includes writing scripts and aiding in interview prep.

Recording & Editing: Managing all technical aspects of each episode’s recording, ensuring optimal sound and visual quality. This includes directing each episode, managing recording equipment, and executing post-production video and audio editing.

Scheduling & Publication: Overseeing the publication of each episode across major podcast directories. Creating short-form clips for promotional purposes.


Guest Management: Handling of all communications with potential guests - coordinate recording times, expectations, when content will go live, and ensure an overall smooth recording experience.


Analytics & Reporting: Monitoring of podcast engagement and performance metrics, producing reports on each season and providing recommendations to improve podcast’s performance.


Budget Management: Preparation and management of the podcast’s production budget, ensuring cost-effectiveness.


Team Coordination: Fostering a collaborative environment within your podcast team and marketing team, promoting teamwork, synergy, and effective communication.


🔘 Authoritative Podcast Seasons

🔘 Audio & Video Episode Editing

🔘 Transcripts of Each Episode

🔘 8-10 Short Clips From Each Episode

🔘 SEO-Driven Blog Posts 

🔘 Curated Show Notes

🔘 Comprehensive Strategy Sessions

🔘 Professional Guidance + Training

Production rates based on number of episodes produced per season. Set up a free consultation below to discuss pricing.

Podcast Production with Efficiency In Mind

Forget what the "gurus" are saying. Producing a podcast doesn't mean you need to be chained to your microphone creating new episodes week after week after week.

As a business that wants podcasting to play a major role in your marketing efforts, leaning into a season-based approach is not only more efficient, but gives you ample content to utilize throughout your entire digital footprint.

Seasons also allow you to be incredibly strategic and nimble while creating assets that emphasize your specialities. This enables you to connect with the right people and establish undeniable authority in your niche.

  • Each season should be focused on specific aspects of your expertise and industry

  • Seasons help you save time in production

  • You generate significant, engaging assets for multiple marketing channels

  • You give yourself a break between seasons to recharge and generate new ideas

  • You also eliminate podfade and burnout before they ever creep up!

Targeted Video Clip Production

Today, the vast majority of podcasts are produced with audio AND video, adding multiple layers to the production and providing creators with increased flexibility for publishing their show and delivering impact to their audience.

If you're not 100% ready to dive into the podcast production pool, I offer a solution that will help you utilize the video aspect of podcasting and create content that tells your story, showcases your expertise, and provides your audience with answers to the burning questions they have about your industry.

Here's how it works:

  1. Together, we'll determine the most important items for you to create content around

  2. I will prepare a format of questions based around the strategy we build

  3. We will meet remotely to record your answers to each question. I will tee up each question for you to answer with confidence AND help you explore potential hooks that will grab a viewer's attention

  4. I will cut the recording down to 10 videos featuring just you and your answers, fully-produced with transitions, captions, and b-roll to give you a polished product to present to your audience

  5. Each video can be produced horizontally for YouTube, Vimeo, websites, and blogs - or vertically for TikToks, Shorts, and Reels

These videos are designed to enhance your digital presence, establish trust between you and your client base, and give you a professional product to utilize across your Internet footprint

Think of this as a podcast production...without the podcast 🙂


🔘 Researched Content Ideas

🔘 One 45-Minute Recording Session

🔘 Assistance with Hooks 

🔘 10 Targeted, Fully-Edited Short Videos

🔘 Assistance with Utilizing Videos

🔘 Enhanced Online Presence 


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