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Coaching + Consulting

When it comes to succeeding in the podcast world, it all starts with strategy. 

Whether you want to launch a new podcast (with assistance or on your own), make improvements to an existing show, or leverage the podcast medium in other capacities, I am proud to serve as your coach, consultant, and dedicated partner to help you build a winning strategy and accomplish your goals.

Areas of focus for Coaching + Consulting include, but are not limited to:


  • Podcast Production

  • The Proper Mindset for Podcasting Success

  • Tips & Strategies For Better Microphone & Camera Presence

  • Audio and Video Editing + Short-Form Clip Creation

  • Podcast Marketing + Advertising

  • Maximizing Podcast Content + Repurposing Best Practices

  • Utilizing AI in Podcasting

  • Podcast Guesting - How to Make the Most Impact As a Guest

  • Podcast Naming & Branding Strategies

  • Agent/VA Initiatives - representing your best interests and helping you take your podcasting efforts to the next level

What You'll Get

  • Continuous support on the aspects of podcasting that matter most

  • Two tightly-focused 60-minute strategy calls to help you improve skills and maximize output every month

  • Ongoing support via Slack, voice messaging, and more

  • Access to Bombtrack Media's online communities as they come together

  • Invitations to webinars, live Q&As, and other special events


45-Minute One-Off Strategy Call


One-time 45-minute strategy session conducted via Google Meets designed to address specific podcasting and content creation needs.

Podcast Naming & Branding

There is nothing more important than choosing the right name for your podcast. You need a name that's bold, grabs attention, and captures the true essence of the content you're creating.

In addition, your podcast's branding should align with any existing brand imagery and messaging you have in place so audience members make the connection.

Make a sound investment and ensure your podcast is set up for success from jump. Enroll in my Podcast Naming & Branding program and let me help you brainstorm potential names that make your podcast stand out.

This program has been endorsed by the Queen of Brand Naming, Alexandra Watkins - creator of memorable brand names as Spoon Me, The Church of Cupcakes, Bedrock, and, most famously, Wendy's Baconator. She's also author of the best-selling book "Hello, My Name Is Awesome."

Here's what Alexandra had to say:

Alexandra Watkins.jpg

"Jason Cercone is a naturally talented namer who earned his chops out of the gate. His love-at-first-sight podcast name "Let's Blow This Up" screams "explosive content." Not only is it a kickass name, it works perfectly with his company name, Bombtrack Media, as does all of his other clever brand extensions including his studio name "The Bomb Shelter" and branding his audience "The Bomb Squad." If you want a podcast name that breaks through the noise, Jason Cercone is your guy!"


🔘A 60-minute brainstorming & strategy call

🔘A fully-researched list of 10 potential names for your podcast

🔘A podcast branding audit to ensure your podcast aligns with existing imagery and messaging

🔘An additional 30-minute open Q&A call


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