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Season 4 is
Streaming Live!

Join in the Fun Every Monday thru Friday

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About the Podcast

Welcome to Podcast Theory! This show is dedicated to diving deep into the art and business of podcasting and helping seasoned and aspiring podcasters alike take their skills to new heights.


Since this podcast's launch in 2020, it's undergone a couple of changes. Seasons 1 and 2 were known as Pod Theory, while Season 3 was dedicated to solo podcasting and aptly named Solo Podcasting Simplified.


These episodes live on in the archives while new seasons of Podcast Theory are set to feature your host, Jason Cercone, joined by a new Featured Co-Host each season to cover various aspects of the world of podcasting.


Season 4 of Podcast Theory is currently live with new episodes being produced Monday thru Friday on the Bombtrack Media YouTube channel, then shared via your favorite podcast streaming app. Subscribe now so you'll be ready to consume and take some time to catch up on what you've missed in the show's archives.

Podcast Theory 1080x1080.png
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