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It's time to rethink podcast production. Especially if you're a busy professional working tirelessly to grow your brand and attract ideal, targeted customers to your products and services.

At Bombtrack Media, the primary focus is to help you create engaging, impactful content that fosters meaningful connections, builds trust and loyalty with current and potential customers, and establishes you as an undeniable thought leader and resource in your niche.

Partnering with Jason Cercone and Bombtrack Media allows you to create, grow, and utilize engaging, brand-bolstering audio, video, and written content across numerous digital platforms on the World Wide Web while simultaneously saving time, reducing expense, and creating a long-term resource that serves your brand in perpetuity.

These services are designed for brands who:


  • Are seeking smart, innovative ways to generate content to enhance online reach and visibility

  • Have a desire to attack the podcast medium, but seek assistance with strategy and learning the ropes

  • Want to leverage podcasting without committing to a full-time podcaster's schedule and workload

  • Need a partner to handle production and asset creation

This is more than just podcasting. This is elevated content creation that gives you a suite of explosive, engaging marketing assets designed to take your brand to new heights.


I am committed to serving as your trusted partner and consigliere in your content creation endeavors and give you access to years of experience in the podcast space. Together, we'll elevate your brand and utilize your podcast as a key component in your overall content creation and brand-building initiatives.

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My name is Jason Cercone and I started my podcasting journey in 2015...almost by accident. But after nearly a decade on the mic and behind the scenes of numerous podcasts, it's safe to say I've found my Graceland. 

Podcasting reignited the passion for audio I felt while hosting my own radio show in college and I knew shortly after my first podcast recording this was the medium I wanted to embrace.

Over the past decade, I've dove deep into numerous aspects of podcasting - hosting my own shows, collaborating with other creators as a guest, helping others launch their own podcasts and get booked as guests on established shows, and managing podcast projects from idea to publication and beyond.

I even contributed a chapter to the best-selling book Podcast Guest Mastery: A Guide to Getting Booked On Successful Podcasts & Sharing Your Message.

Today, I've set my focus on helping brands and professionals lean into podcasting in a smart, strategic, time-saving way...a way that leads to explosive, full-scale content strategically utilized throughout your entire digital footprint. 


Too many people start podcasts with no purpose, direction, or plan that enables them to capitalize on their efforts, and, unfortunately, statistics support this.


I want to do my part to change things for the better in the podcast space. I want to ensure more professionals leverage the podcast medium with confidence, clarity, and longevity while saving time and reducing stress.

This is the driving force behind everything I do at Bombtrack Media.

When I'm not chained to a microphone producing words to live by, you can find me consuming good bourbon and a cigar, obsessing over my fantasy football lineups, quoting lines from my favorite movies and TV shows, and doing everything in my power to break 80 on the golf course.

I'm also the host of two podcasts of my own: Let's Blow This Up and Podcast Theory. Check them out here!

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Discover a full range of services and consultative programs today.

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