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Let's Get Explosive!

Bombtrack Media is dedicated to helping your brand build results-driven podcast content in a flexible, time-saving seasonal format.

By focusing on a season-based approach, you have the ability to leverage the podcast medium while not committing to a full-time podcasting schedule. This allows you to maintain focus on your primary business initiatives while still providing your audience with meaningful information that builds trust, provides insight and solutions, and establishes authority across your industry.

Together, we'll emphasize the aspects of podcasting that will serve your brand the most:

1 Gear.png


We'll utilize a strategic process to take your podcast from concept to launch with ease, helping you cultivate ideas and maintain focus on what makes you stand out. 

2 Computer.png


When it comes to putting the final product together, I'll do the heavy lifting, handling all aspects of audio and video production so your audience gets your very best.

3 Growth.png


By focusing on repurposing content and presenting a quality resource to your audience, not only will your podcast grow, but your brand will grow at the same time.

Explosive Podcast


🔘 Authoritative Podcast Seasons

🔘 Audio & Video Episode Editing

🔘 10 Short Clips From Each Episode

🔘 SEO-Driven Blog Posts 

🔘 Curated Show Notes

🔘 Comprehensive Strategy Sessions

🔘 Professional Guidance + Training

Dynamite 1:1 Podcast

Consulting + Coaching

🔘 Continuous Personalized Support

🔘 Skill Set & Idea Development

🔘 60-Minute Strategy Calls

🔘 Support via Slack, voice texts

🔘 Online community access 

🔘 Webinar, Q&A, live stream access

🔘 Podcast Guesting Guidance

The Podcast

Growth Catalyst

🔘 4 60-minute Strategy Calls

🔘 Growth Catalyst Strategy Guide

🔘 Foundational Blueprint

🔘 Market Analysis Blueprint

🔘 Ideal Listener Profile Blueprint

🔘 Online community access

🔘 Support via Slack, voice texts

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