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Get Instant Access to the Exclusive, In-Depth Video Series That's Delivering a Much-Needed Fresh Perspective on Podcast Creation

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Let's get straight to the point: there is a ton of shitty advice out there for brand leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants who want to leverage podcasting as a key component of their marketing strategy.

For years, the status quo commentary has been "you GOTTA produce one or more new episodes a week or you won't succeed!!"

Yet podcast statistics report that a ridiculous 90% of podcasts don't get beyond THREE EPISODES.


So, you tell it time for a new narrative in podcasting?


For busy professionals, adding the rigors of weekly podcast production to an already-jam-packed list of responsibilities simply isn't realistic. 

You're probably feeling this...and have most likely asked yourself "How can I use podcasting to grow MY brand when my time is already spread obnoxiously thin?"

In this exclusive video series I've titled Blowing Up The Paradigm: Why You Need to Rethink Your Approach to Podcasting Immediately, I'm sharing my candid, no-BS thoughts on where things stand in the podcast industry and how YOU can do things in a smarter, more impactful way with your podcast.​

In this series, you'll get:

✅Real, straight talk on the bad advice floating around about podcasting

✅An in-depth breakdown of the scary statistics plaguing success in this medium

✅How to make podcasting a pillar of your marketing and branding efforts...not an anchor

✅A smarter, more efficient way to produce content for busy leaders and professionals

✅A clear understanding of why podcasting has become a better version of social media

✅Insight on how to use the podcast medium for much more than just podcasting

Enter your email and get your popcorn ready! 

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"Jason's insights into podcasting are seriously a breath of fresh air. He breaks everything down so simply, making it clear that quality and genuine connections are 2 of the biggest factors in building a successful podcast. His idea of using seasons for your podcast is on point and takes so much pressure off of the podcaster. If you're into podcasting or thinking about starting, check this series out. It's packed with practical advice and fresh perspectives that'll really get you fired up about your next steps. Trust me, it's worth your time!" --- Marc Ronick, Founder of iRonick Media & The Empowered Podcasting Conference, Host of The Podcasting Morning Chat

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