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Podcast Strategy VIP Day

A full day dedicated to you, your podcast, and building the strategy that will help you succeed?

You'd better believe it!

To put your mind at ease, no, it's not a "full day" as in 24 hours. But in a 6-8 hour strategy session, we will dive deep into all the important elements that will make your podcasting efforts hum like a well-oiled machine!

We'll tackle mindset, branding, hosting, websites, social media, best practices for 

recording and editing, tools to keep you organized, getting comfortable on the mic

and on camera, and much, much more.

When your VIP Day is over, you'll be fully equipped to record your podcast, bring it

to life, and maximize the content from A to Z.


The Podcast Strategy VIP Day is perfect for brand new podcasters who want to excel

right out of the gates, as well as seasoned podcasters who want to elevate their existing


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Here's What You'll Get:

✔️Kickoff Call to set Expectations

✔️Access to Bombtrack Media's Podcast Blueprint to complete prior to your VIP Day

✔️Podcasting Success Guide - Tips, Strategies, and Insights 

✔️A 6-8 hour recorded strategy session that you'll get a copy of upon completion

     ✳️ If you're local to Pittsburgh, we can do your VIP Day in-person if you choose


✔️Comprehensive guidance with:

      🔘Building the proper mindset for podcasting

      🔘Tips for enhancing your on-mic and on-camera presence

      🔘Podcast name and branding

      🔘Developing your initial podcast episodes (Season 1)

      🔘Recording and editing best practices


✔️Building your podcast's infrastructure, including:

      🔘Setting up hosting

      🔘Choosing a platform for recording

      🔘Accessing editing software

      🔘Discovering tools to keep you organized (Trello, Slack, and more)

      🔘Setting up or integrating websites and social media accounts

✔️Building a marketing and promotion plan

✔️A personalized podcast launch strategy

✔️30 days of support post-VIP Day

      🔘Unlimited Slack support

      🔘2 30-minute strategy sessions

Reserve Your Podcast Strategy VIP Day Today!

This is a great experience for new and seasoned podcaster's alike. We'll spend a day tightening up your processes and putting you on a path to success on this medium!

Don't start your podcast alone. Get the VIP treatment and get your production off to the best start possible!


one-time investment

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