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The VIP Experience

VIP Days have rapidly become an efficient, in-depth approach to bring you massive amounts of insight, strategy, and value in a tightly-focused timeframe.

At Bombtrack Media, I've leaned heavily into the VIP philosophy and taken things to the next level - giving you multiple options to elevate your podcasting skills, knowledge, and content bank while keeping your time and budget front of mind.

Regardless of which VIP Experience you invest in, we will work together to build your podcast strategy, help you establish the right mindset, even physically produce and publish a 5-episode season of your podcast.

There's nothing like a VIP Experience. Let's get to work.

VIP Experience Packages

Podcast Strategy VIP Day

This VIP Experience has the DIYer in mind while we take a deep dive into your podcast strategy. Throughout our 6-8 hour strategy session, we'll tackle mindset, branding, build out a 5-episode season outline, and much more. By time we're done, all you'll need to do is record, edit, and publish your podcast!​

This VIP Experience is perfect if you want to lock in your complete podcast strategy while planning to handle all production, editing, and publication yourself.

Here's what you'll get:

✔️Kickoff call to set expectations

✔️Immediate access to my Podcast Blueprint to complete before our session

✔️Podcast Success Catalyst Strategy Guide

✔️6-8 hour intensive strategy session focused on:

      🔘Building the proper mindset for podcasting

      🔘Tips for enhancing your on-mic and on-camera presence

      🔘Podcast planning - name, branding, music, marketing, launch

      🔘Setting up your infrastructure - hosting, tools, social media, website

      🔘Fully developing a season consisting of five episodes

      🔘Production and Post-Production tips and strategies

      🔘Open Podcasting Q&A​​

✔️30 days of support following your season's launch

      🔘Voice message support via Slack

      🔘2 30-minute strategy sessions


Podcast Strategy VIP Day + Production Bundle

Not ready to tackle production yet? Then this VIP Experience has your name written all over it. You'll get everything from the Podcast Strategy VIP Day + complete audio production of a 5-episode season & trailer. Without question, this experience delivers the most bang for your buck!

Here's what you'll get:

✔️Everything from the Podcast Strategy VIP Day, PLUS:

      🔘Assistance with recording and producing your podcast season

      🔘Full editing of each episode

      🔘Sound mixing, addition of ads, intro & outro music

      🔘SEO-friendly show notes for each episode

      🔘Host and directory setup

      🔘Guidance through launching your podcast to the world


Podcast Strategy VIP Day + Production + Content Repurposing Bundle

Want to maximize your podcast content and use it throughout your digital footprint? I can't blame you! This VIP Experience taps into a full repurposing of your content and creates assets you can utilize for blogs, social media, newsletters, and more.

Here's what you'll get:

✔️Everything from the Podcast Strategy VIP + Production Bundle, PLUS:

      🔘6 short-form video clips from each episode

      🔘Full episode video editing and production

      🔘A fully-edited transcript

      🔘A blog post for each episode


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