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Why Should Pittsburgh Law Firms Start a Podcast?

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Books, gavel, and scales

As I drive around the beautiful city that is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, crossing bridges, attempting the highly-challenging "Pittsburgh left," and making my way through the Liberty and Squirrel Hill Tunnels at breakneck speed (data unofficial), my eyes can't help but get drawn in to all my surroundings...both natural and man-made.

And today, one thing that's grabbed my attention and won't let go has a presence on every thoroughfare, every interstate, even on backroads where you'd least expect it.

Nope, it's not a pothole. Nor is it the oft-present "Road Work Ahead" sign.

It's the billboards.

And today they've drawn my eye because I discovered a pretty significant trend: the majority of the billboards that hit my field of vision (at one point in my journey, I counted 8 out of 10) were promoting the great law firms who provide legal representation right here in the Steel City.

It's easy to see these firms want to do their part to put their brand in front of the thousands and thousands of people that cross paths with these ads (some static, some digital) each and every day.

Seeing all these billboards got me thinking: this exposure is great, but what if these firms took their presence beyond the highways and brought their expertise right into people's homes?

This is where the power of podcasting comes into play. And this is why I believe more Pittsburgh law firms need to leverage this platform today.

Man listening to a podcast on his tablet

Why Do I Feel This Way?

When it comes to building a strong digital presence, websites, blogs, and social media can play a pivotal role. A strategic, well-curated podcast is the ultimate complement to those mediums and, at the same time, features content that can be utilized across an existing digital presence to not only get the podcast more visibility, but your brand as a whole as well.

Companies of all shapes and sizes are leveraging podcasts to strengthen trust and communication with current and potential clients, boost their brand presence, provide insights and answers on their specialty, and establish their authority in their particular space.

Likewise, law firms across the United States and beyond are bringing their expertise to the podcast waves, establishing a strong presence and making valuable connections that drive their efforts forward.

It's no secret that consumers consult the Internet to gain knowledge on a specific subject. If a person is seeking legal advice and wants to further their education on the issue at hand before reaching out to get representation, the likelihood of them putting their faith in a firm who provides the exact information they needed is greatly increased.

In other words, people do business with people and brands they trust. And a branded podcast not only builds trust, but gives you a new platform through which you can inform, educate, and show people why you're the resource they need to listen to.

How Can Pittsburgh Law Firms Benefit From Podcasting?

If you use my observation of billboard exposure from a moment ago, it's clear that law firms across Pittsburgh understand the importance of promoting their brand and standing out in their market. Now, it's time to piggyback on those efforts and reach people at the exact moment they need you.

A podcast allows you to do just that and much, much more. When optimized properly, podcast content can be discovered across social media platforms and search engines when people are actively seeking information on your exact specialty.

The City of Pittsburgh
I'm no Dave DiCello, but I think I did good with this one 🙂

In essence, your podcast can position you to provide legal representation for a client before anything becomes official. The knowledge you provide through your podcast will build a tangible relationship and solidify a level of trust that keeps you front of mind when they need to retain counsel.

This also extends to referrals. If a listener of your podcast knows someone who could use your services, it's very easy for them to refer that person to your show to learn more. The person has nothing to lose by listening to your content and, if said content serves them, trust will be established before they ever pick up the phone and contact you directly.

Think of your podcast as an evergreen billboard that works for you in perpetuity. As you continue to cultivate your content over time, it will serve as a viable resource that attracts new clients, keeps current clients informed, and puts you in a new light when it comes to thought leadership and authority in your industry.

Additional Benefits of a Strategic Podcast Strategy

Here are a few more benefits Pittsburgh law firms can lean into when it comes to podcasting:

  • Lead Generation. Just like traditional forms of advertising, a podcast can serve as a tool that brings potential leads into your funnel. Whether your show encourages listeners to pick up the phone and call or visit your website, this type of direct communication can be a primary force in your lead acquisition initiatives.

  • Multi-Faceted Content. As I mentioned before, podcast content creation can be utilized across numerous mediums. In 2023 and beyond, podcasts are more than just audio. Videos (short and long-form) provide additional ways for your community to experience your podcast. Your content can also be repurposed as blog posts that increase your organic search visibility. If your firm utilizes social media in any capacity, podcast content is a great way to work smarter, not harder by using audio and video clips across your networks.

  • Enhanced Authority. You don't need me to tell you there are many other firms that specialize in the same areas of law as you. To be seen as THE go-to resource in that segment, you have to do something that makes you stand out. A podcast can make that happen and, as you add more episodes to your catalog, your authority will continue to rise.

  • Brand Awareness. I mentioned this earlier, but it bears repeating. Tapping into podcast channels with relevant, informative content can put your brand on the map. You'll stand out because you're giving people exactly what they're asking for in the moment, thus establishing trust with listeners and giving them numerous reasons to seek you out when the time for official representation arises.

The next time I hop in my car and venture down the roads of my neighborhood en route to a yet-to-be-determined destination in Pittsburgh, I know with full certainty I'm going to see numerous billboards letting me know if I ever need a lawyer, I'm in good hands.

But what I hope to discover next is a podcast that will enhance my knowledge, provide me with answers, and tell me exactly why your firm is the one that should represent my interests.

Will that firm be yours?


Now, at this point, you might be saying: "Our firm is busy representing clients. How are we going to find time to build a podcast?"

Great question! This is why you need Bombtrack Media on your side.

We specialize in the creation of seasonal podcast content versus a weekly episodic production. We value your time as much as you and work within a process that allows you to leverage the podcast medium without committing to a full-time podcaster's schedule.

There's so much value to be discovered on the podcast medium and we want to serve as your compass. Click below to learn more about our services and how Bombtrack Media can bring your law firm's podcast to life.

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