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The Most Impactful Way For Brands to Leverage Podcasting

Updated: Mar 21

In this episode, Let's Blow This Up Host Jason Cercone flies solo to share some insights about how you can leverage podcasting for your brand. Jason also shares thoughts about the state of the podcasting industry and why it's time we start singing a different tune when it comes to production.

The Season One Let's Blow This Up Crew

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3 Big Takeaways From This Episode

  1. Podcasting is the ultimate form of content creation. It gives you the ability to build audio, video, and written content (achieved through transcription) that can elevate your brand presence throughout your digital footprint

  2. The podcast medium is for more than just content creation. It's also the greatest platform for connection, collaboration, community, and high-level networking

  3. Producing your podcast in season format is the smartest move you can make. Especially if you're busy building your brand. A season format allows you efficiently create content that serves as an asset for your efforts while also giving you much-needed breaks so you can keep attention on your other responsibilities


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In the Season 1 finale of Let's Blow This Up, Jason Cercone shares strategies and insights for leveraging podcasting for your brand, as well as the importance of building your podcast with the right strategy and the right mindset.

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Why Should You Lean Into Podcasting For Your Brand?

It's 2024 and podcasting continues its ascension as one of the most popular mediums on the planet. While many argue that video is king, there's a strong argument that says podcasts are fighting for the throne.

The biggest reason is the versatility of podcast content. If you record your podcast for video and audio, the amount of repurposing you can do to enhance your presence throughout your entire digital footprint is a total game-changer.

If you're looking to start a brand or looking for innovative ways to position yourself as a go-to resource in your space, you can't overlook what podcasting offers you.

Podcasting allows you to:

  • Network on a high level with like-minded peers and professionals

  • Build relationships that open up lucrative opportunities

  • Establish a better connection with current customers and brand advocates

  • Connect with potential customers and build trust

  • Position yourself as a resource, asset, and thought leader in your industry

  • Improve speaking skills

  • Produce content more efficiently - a podcast recording session gives you audio, video that can be utilized in short and long-form, and the ability to transcribe each episode for blog posts, website and social media content, webinars, and more

Podcast Studio

Why Do So Many Podcasts Fail After Releasing Just a Few Episodes?

The statistics surrounding podcast creation are pretty scary. If you do some Googling, you'll discover research that shows most podcasters don't get beyond 8 episodes.

Or that of the 5 million+ shows listed on Apple Podcasts, less than 1 million have produced new content in the last 90 days.

Or that 44% of listed podcasts have three episodes or fewer.

Why is this? I have some theories.

For starters, too many people listen to the "experts" and "gooroos" who say the only way to succeed at podcasting is to produce one or more episodes per week. While I don't disagree with this being a great way to run your show, it's not the ONLY way. 

Another reason is the creators failed to build a plan of action when they launched their podcast. That's like trying to build a house with no blueprint. Too many things fall through the cracks if you don't build a strategy that addresses the critical items that will keep you engaged in the process.

I believe another reason new podcasts don't get beyond a few episodes is creators discover how much work is involved once they get started. Instead of learning this before getting started. While I'll scream from the mountaintop how much I love podcasting and how valuable it can be for your brand, I'll be the first to tell you it's a lot of work. 

I could keep this list going for hours, but I'll end with this one: too many podcasters expect immediate results. That's just simply not going to happen. Building a successful podcast is a marathon, not a sprint. You need to prove yourself to your audience by consistently bringing them compelling content they can sink their teeth into. You also need to build your skills and continue to get better. Both these things take time. Time that too many people aren't willing to invest.

Now, that said...while you are improving your skill set and growing your audience, there are other ways to utilize your podcast content while saving time and reducing stress...

The Best Way For Busy Professionals to Produce Podcast Content

If you run a business, you know how many responsibilities you have on your plate. Does it sound realistic to start producing a podcast at least once a week...or even more? 

If it does, great! Run with it. But I'm willing to bet the numbers I shared a moment ago are a direct result of the creators not factoring in the amount of time it takes to produce podcast content.

Now, try to roll all your existing responsibilities into also producing a weekly or multi-weekly podcast, and something has to give. There just aren't enough hours in the day.

My recommendation to you, the busy professional, is to produce a podcast in seasons. Seasonal production allows you to build content based around your specialties, create an asset that serves your brand in numerous ways, and take much-needed breaks that allow you to recharge your batteries and stay engaged in the process.

Is this a new concept? No.

Television shows have been producing seasons of content for decades.

When bands roll out a new album, do they deliver it one song a week? NO! You get a block of content that you can binge like crazy.

Some of your favorite podcasts are produced in seasons already.


While this approach is brand new, I feel it's not being appreciated or talked about enough.

If you're looking to leverage podcasting in a way that saves you time and brings massive gains to your brand, we should talk...


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