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How to Grow an Impactful Personal Brand via Podcasting

Updated: Mar 21

This episode features the one and only Jay Franze, host of The Jay Franze Show, for an in-depth conversation about building a personal brand with a well-curated podcast.

The crew of Season One of Let's Blow This Up

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3 Big Takeaways From This Episode

  1. A podcast is a tremendous vehicle for establishing your personal brand because it gives you the ability to consistently communicate with targeted audience members and position yourself as a resource, asset, and thought leader they can trust

  2. Podcasting is more than just recording audio. It's a collaborative platform and community that allows you to build meaningful, lucrative relationships with those you connect with

  3. Featuring a celebrity or VIP on your podcast can be great, but it's important to treat them the same as any guest you've ever had. Try to get the best conversation they've ever had on your show and challenge them with questions that stimulate a response they've never gave. At the end of the day, it's up to you to deliver for your audience, regardless of the stature of your guest


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In Season 1 Episode 5 of Let's Blow This Up, podcaster extraordinaire Jay Franze joins the show to share insights about his podcast and how he's used it to establish his personal brand over the years.

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How Does a Podcast Establish Your Personal Brand?

When you host your own podcast, your voice takes center stage each and every time you release new content. In a lot of cases, you're sharing that stage with a guest. But make no mistake about it, your voice is the one listeners hear each time they consume new episodes...thus building a powerful bond that can carry you and your brand to soaring heights.

The more listeners get invested in your content, the more they begin viewing you as a thought leader. Once you reach that status, your content gets recommended to people in their circle and beyond. The more you continue to bring impactful content to your audience, the more trust they have in you.

These are important factors needed to establish your personal brand. In today's crowded, fast-paced, it-will-probably-change-before-you-finish-reading-this-sentence digital world, you need a vehicle that allows you establish strong lines of communication with those who seek your wisdom and expertise.

A podcast is the best for that because not only does it give you the ability to repurpose content for videos, blogs, social media posts, and more, but the audio component is long-form, giving you an extended period of time to speak to your audience and give them the value and transformation they crave.

These aspects will go a long way towards establishing a personal brand that will put you (and keep you) on the map for years to come.

What Is the Most Valuable Part of Podcasting?

There is a long list of benefits that come from podcasting, including but not limited to everything I mentioned in the previous section, the ability to amplify your message globally, and being part of a hot medium that has nowhere to go but up.

But if you ask Jay and myself, the most valuable part of podcasting is the relationships you make through collaborating on this platform.

When you approach podcasting with a collaborative mindset and don't try to use it strictly to line your pockets, good things happen. When you position yourself to forge meaningful, lucrative relationships, there's no telling how far those relationships will take you.

Jay and I are a prime example of how this medium connects people. We've become friends, worked on a project series for his podcast, and will soon do the same for my other podcast, Podcast Theory.

Stay tuned...

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How to Treat a Celebrity or VIP On Your Podcast

You may think landing a VIP or celebrity guest on your podcast is the one thing that's going to make your show blow up. And while in most cases it'll add a lot of new eyes and ears to the episode that features said VIP or celebrity, there are other factors in play.

For starters, your listeners are interested in quality and consistency. Meaning they're not listening to you for one episode...they're listening for your entire catalog.

Next, since it's your voice people are hearing every time you release a new episode, it's you they trust, not your VIP. Yes, the VIP may attract a certain amount of new listeners to your show, but your loyal listeners are the ones who keep coming back because YOU give them value every time you turn on the mic.

If you get an opportunity to feature a VIP/celebrity on your show, run with it! But don't treat them any differently than the other guests you collaborate with. Regardless of stature or how far someone's made it, everyone has a story to tell. It's your job to get that story out of them in the most compelling way possible.

If you've got someone who's well-known, do your best to get the best conversation they've ever had out of them. Ask challenging, engaging questions. Try to get them to tell a story they've never told before.

Don't fall prey to fandom and gush all over them, it'll ruin the vibe.

A celebrity or VIP may boost download numbers, but keep your focus on where it needs to be: consistently bringing value to your listeners with every new episode release.


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