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Strategic, Explosive Podcast Marketing Solutions
For Serious, Results-Driven Brands & Businesses

In today's crowded, rapidly-evolving business landscape, it's critical that your brand stands out and cuts through the noise in order to position yourself as the go-to resource your target customer needs.​


To do that, you need to establish trust with your audience while proving your solutions will erase their pain and solve their problems.​


And strategic, well-planned podcast marketing and content creation is the catalyst that makes it happen - taking your brand from unknown to undeniable.

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​Welcome to Bombtrack Media, I'm Jason Cercone, Founder, Chief Content Officer, and experienced podcast professional with 10 years experience in the podcast space on my resume.

I've spent the last decade learning the ins and outs of this space, seeing a lot of things change and evolve over time. I've hosted my own shows, been a guest on hundreds of shows, and helped others leverage this medium with confidence and clarity.


Today, I specialize in delivering a VIP Experience to serious entrepreneurs and professionals - helping you utilize this medium to make an impact on your audience, enhance your brand message to a larger degree, and establish trust and authority in your niche.

My goal is to show you how podcasting can work for you - helping you create a well-oiled content machine that serves as a primary component to your overall marketing and branding strategy. 


You're just moments away from unlocking the doors to success using podcast content as the key.​​

I've released an in-depth, perhaps even controversial video series sharing my thoughts on the current state of the podcast industry and you're invited to consume it all today!

In this series, you'll get:

✅Real, straight talk on the bad advice floating around about podcasting

✅An in-depth breakdown of the scary statistics plaguing success in this medium

✅How to make podcasting a pillar of your marketing and branding efforts...not an anchor

✅A smarter, more efficient way to produce content for busy leaders and professionals

✅A clear understanding of why podcasting has become a better version of social media

✅Insight on how to use the podcast medium for much more than just podcasting

Enter your email and get your popcorn ready! 

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An Explosive New Perspective On Podcasting

Unfortunately, a lot of the advice about utilizing the podcast platform is very antiquated - especially for busy business owners and brand leaders with a lot of responsibilities already on their plates.

At Bombtrack Media, I am on a mission to blow up these outdated perspectives and help professionals utilize this dynamic form of media to its fullest potential.

This is about so much more than just "starting a podcast" or "having a podcast because it's trendy."

It's about utilizing this medium to elevate your brand and create a viable resource that enhances your marketing efforts from top to bottom, thus making your brand an unstoppable powerhouse in your industry!

Look, I'm not going to sugarcoat this:


Podcasting is not easy.


ESPECIALLY if you've never done it before.

That's why so many aspiring podcasters don't make it to their 10th episode. They have all the energy in the world when they get started, but quickly lose sight of their mission once the hard work begins.

Success with podcasting requires the right mindset, a solid strategy, and a steadfast commitment to your endeavors. Dig your feet into these philosophies and you'll go far. Ignore them and you'll be just another statistic.

Will launching a podcast be one of the greatest challenges you ever take on? Absolutely.

But I guarantee you if you do this right, the benefits you experience will change your life personally and professionally.​​

Why Invest In a VIP Experience?

I believe four core principles lead to success in podcasting: mindset, strategy, efficiency, and consistency. 


I also believe a season-based format is the most effective approach for busy professionals who want to leverage podcasting while still maintaining balance in their work and professional life. This:


  • Saves time

  • Reduces stress

  • Keeps you invested in growing your podcast over time

  • Prevents your podcast from becoming anchor in your life


I offer VIP Experiences that tightly focus on the most important aspects of your podcast needs - in some cases, in just one day - for every budget and experience level. 


From basic podcasting strategy to comprehensive podcast production to advertising strategies and everything in between, your VIP Experience will elevate your skills and results in numerous ways.


Just as our forefathers intended.​​​

Why Are Failure Rates So High In Podcasting?


This Is What Too Many Creators Do...

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Buy Into "GooRoo" Speak

Some "experts" stress producing 2 or more podcast episodes A WEEK to succeed, so creators try to do this

Bombtrack 1080x1080.png

Get Stressed & Burnt Out

When they discover how much work is involved, they fall behind, lose patience, and forget why they started

Bombtrack 1080x1080.png

Quit WAY Too Soon

Before they ever experience any growth or success, they abandon their show and leave it for dead

And this isn't just my take. Statistics support this.

In fact, as of June 2023, an estimated 44% of podcasts have three or fewer episodes.

This Is What YOU Should Do...

Create Podcast Seasons

This allows you to build a resource that focuses on your specialties and add significant value to your brand 

Maximize Your Content

Repurpose your podcast content for all manner of marketing material - videos, blogs, social posts, emails, and more

Save Time, Reduce Stress

This approach allows you to reclaim your time, eliminate stress, and stay engaged in the podcasting process

My approach to production revolves around making this medium work for you, not against you. I accomplish this by showing you how to emphasize depth & quality of content over producing mass quantities. I help you produce strategic, engaging content that educates, informs, and tells your story...all done to serve as a pillar of your marketing and branding efforts. 

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Real Talk...

As I mentioned before, leveraging the podcast medium is a lot of work. It requires dedication, commitment, and a sound strategy. But when you do things right, the gains you experience from the collaborative and communicative powers of an effective, explosive podcast strategy will be hard to replicate anywhere else.

That's why you need a partner to help you navigate these waters and keep you on track for growth and success. In your VIP Experience, we will:

  • Build a comprehensive strategy that keeps you on point and in control

  • Position you for increased reach and visibility across the Web

  • Establish your authority and thought leadership in your niche

  • Build viable, authority-driven assets that add value to your brand


Your Next Conversation Could Be THE ONE

Podcasting isn't just about creating content. It's an immersive, collaborative experience that, when leveraged properly, opens up new opportunities and creates new relationships. When you're part of strong, engaging conversations that people consume on a daily basis, the impact your words carry is amplified on a global scale.

To get the most from the podcast world, you need to maximize every recording session, whether you're the host or the guest. 

  • Learn how to leverage podcasting as the ultimate networking tool

  • Turn your podcasting efforts into a well-oiled machine that creates lucrative relationships and pulls more brand enthusiasts into your orbit

  • Connect with other podcasters and tap into the true collaborative nature of this medium

VIP Experiences

VIP Kickstarter

This VIP Experience was built with the DIYer in mind. You'll get one 60-minute strategy session to focus on whatever areas of podcasting you wish + immediate access to The Official Bombtrack Media Podcast Success Catalyst Strategy Guide and Podcast Blueprint to map out your strategy.

Podcast Strategy VIP Day

This VIP Experience takes things up a notch and let's us dive deep into your podcast strategy. In your 6-8 hour strategy session, we'll tackle mindset, branding, build out your first season's outline, and much more. By time we're done, all you'll need to do is record, edit, and publish your podcast!​

Podcast Strategy + Production VIP Bundle

Not ready to tackle production yet? Then this VIP Experience has your name written all over it. You'll get everything from the first two VIP experiences + complete audio production of a 5-episode season & trailer. Without question, this experience delivers the most bang for your buck!

Podcast Strategy + Production + Content Repurposing VIP Bundle

Want to maximize your podcast content and use it throughout your digital footprint? I can't blame you! This VIP Experience taps into a full repurposing of your content and creates assets you can utilize for blogs, social media, newsletters, and more.

Other Explosive Services

Coaching + Consulting

Need additional guidance with your podcasting plight without a long-term commitment? I've got you. 


There is no one-size-fits-all for podcast production. If you need assistance with yours, let's talk.

Market Your Brand With Efficiency & Authority

Bombtrack 1080x1080 copy 3.png

No more stressing about producing multiple forms of content every day

Bombtrack 1080x1080 copy 3.png

No more aimless content releases that serve no purpose for your brand

Bombtrack 1080x1080 copy 3.png

No more wasted time and energy trying to create your marketing content

Bombtrack 1080x1080 copy 3.png

No more burnout, podfade, or pushing forward with no break or time off in sight

"Given the private nature of my work and the profile of clientele I support, I typically refrain from offering public testimony for services or products I invest in. Candidly speaking, most people don’t rise above and beyond baseline expectations that warrant me tying my name/likeness to their business. However, I’ve spent quite some time working with, and personally getting to know Jason Cercone. He operates with high standards to produce quality results for his clients and friends and is an all-around good human–Jason is a reliable and trustworthy resource, so take advantage of what he has to offer."

Lisa Driver, MI

W. McGraw - Radical Performance Accelerator

Frequently Asked Questions

How can the podcast medium benefit my brand?

There is no blanket answer to this question. Every brand has different needs, goals, and objectives. That said, leveraging podcasts has advantages and benefits for companies, brands, entrepreneurs, and leaders of all shapes and sizes. The key is determining the best way to leverage the medium so it serves you and delivers an adequate return on your investment.

Do I need to produce podcasts every week to be successful?

Absolutely not! One of the common misconceptions of podcasting is there's only one way to produce your show. That's a fallacy. You need to produce content in a way that fits your schedule, brand objectives, and content creation needs. 

What is the best way for a busy professional to leverage podcasting?

This is another question that doesn't have a blanket answer. But if you have a lot of responsibilities on your plate as it is and still want to utilize podcasting to create brand-elevating content, the best approach is to create seasons built around your specialties. This way, you build a resource that educates your audience while saving yourself time, money, stress, and burnout.

How do I monetize my podcast?

The typical answer you'd expect to read here is build an audience, get sponsorships, and run ads. But when you're a brand using a podcast to communicate how you can solve problems for your customers, your products, services, and goods become the monetization. 

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