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8 Industries That Need to Lean Into Podcasting Immediately

Updated: Feb 22

A group of professionals collaborating over their next podcast episode

The short, generic answer to this headline is "all of 'em," right?!

Technically, that answer isn't wrong. I believe all brands, regardless of the industry they exist in, can leverage podcasting to communicate, educate, entertain, and inform their audience in a positive, relevant way.

The key is finding the most effective way to do that. Starting a podcast just for the sake of having one or because someone said, "HEY, you guys should have a podcast!" won't lead to the gains you're looking for.

No matter what industry you're in, you need a personalized strategy that helps you navigate podcasting's choppy waters and, ultimately, discover newfound growth and success for not only your podcast, but your brand as a whole.

That said, I feel the following eight industries are perfect for podcasting because their target audience is constantly looking to gather info, enhance their knowledge, and find answers to burning questions that move them closer to making a buying decision.

With a well-executed podcast, you create opportunities to reach current and potential clients in numerous ways, all in an effort to gain their trust and put your brand front of mind when they pull out their wallets.

If you are part of any of these eight industries, it's time to start thinking about podcasting immediately:

1. Law Firms

We go through life hoping we won't need a lawyer. But when the time does come, we want the very best. And how can lawyers and the law firms they represent distinguish themselves as the best to handle your case? By building trust and providing you with as much advanced knowledge on your particular issue as possible.

Law firms specialize in various areas of law - medical malpractice, work injuries, criminal law, etc. - and you can bet your bottom dollar people are trying to collect as much information as they can on these aspects before they make their first contact with a firm they feel they can trust.

With a podcast, attorneys and law practitioners can position themselves as the #1 resource for potential clients. Not only will their podcast content increase visibility and discoverability for their firm, it will build trust with clients and put their minds at ease before they ever pick up the phone for that initial consultation.

2. PR Firms

When companies and individuals are seeking more exposure, they naturally turn to PR firms to help them make it happen. And in order to find the best firm for their needs, they will most likely dive into a rigorous bout of due diligence, looking for relevant information, reviews and testimonials, even asking other brands they trust for personal recommendations.

If your PR firm has a podcast to accompany all those positive things your past and current clients have to say about you, it raises your clout even more.

The main reason I feel PR firms need to lean into podcasting is because their breadth of work aligns with the platform with complete harmony.

  • PR firms have a pool of potential guests to feature as deep as the Pacific Ocean - from clients to fellow PR professionals to in-house agents fully equipped to tell good stories and provide insightful information

  • PR firms can also collaborate with other podcasters in the space to build content that serves everyone involved

  • Podcasts have also become a viable platform for firms to book their clients on, thus opening up new opportunities to grow their own network while providing strategic services for those they represent

If your PR firm hasn't tapped into podcasting yet, don't put it off another day.

3. Financial Advisors

What is one thing we all have in common, whether we talk about it or not? Regardless of where we stand today, we all want to be in the best possible place financially ASAP.

How do we get there? We consult the experts! And those experts are the Financial Advisors that help us plan, strategize, and invest so we're set up for what the future brings.

In today's world, "consulting" take on many different forms. Before we pick up the phone or submit our info into a contact form, we often do our own research and learn as much as we can in the process.

We "consult" the Internet. And when we do, we seek resources that can build our knowledge and bring us closer to making important decisions for our future.

This is just one reason why the financial advisory industry needs to grab hold of podcasting with both hands and not let go. There is so much pertinent knowledge they can bring to those in need, it's a lock that almost immediate trust will be established.

Issues such as Compliance may hold an advisory firm back from starting a podcast, but there are ways to ensure your content meets compliance standards and shines a bright spotlight on the guidance your firm can provide.

4. Real Estate Agencies

I'm 100% positive there are people out there who know every term, every approach, every strategy there is to know about real estate.

I'm 100% just as positive I'm not one of those people. So someone like me is going to turn to the World Wide Web to increase my knowledge on this subject...and a podcast is a great place for me to learn.

Let's face it...first-time, even seasoned homebuyers have questions. As do commercial real estate investors. You, as a real estate agent looking to close more deals, has answers.

Why not leverage the podcast medium to deliver those answers and, at the same time, create content that can be utilized across your entire digital footprint?

A podcast is the perfect stage to showcase your expertise and answer those questions we're dying to know the answers to. This will make it much easier for someone to put their faith in you to help them get from A to Z in their quest for home or property ownership.

A 1:1 consultation discussing the client's last podcast episode

5. Coaches & Consultants

A podcast for a coach and/or consultant is an absolute no-brainer.

In your practices, you've most likely encountered a person who simply wasn't ready to pull the trigger and invest in your services. This happens all the time.

If that person needs more time to make a decision, save the money necessary to invest, or simply build more trust in you before they get started, directing them to your podcast is an incredible way to keep them in your orbit until they're ready to move forward.

As a coach or consultant, your podcast will serve as a beacon that not only attracts new leads to your services, but keeps them in place for the long haul.

Some people can go for years before they buy themselves. But if they believe in your message, not only will they continue to listen to all the new content you produce, they'll tell others to do the same. That type of brand advocacy is impossible to duplicate.

6. Graphic Designers

The Internet is a pretty big place and we have graphic designers to thank for a big part of that. So many of them have done a remarkable job helping brands look their absolute best with aesthetically pleasing websites, sharp logos, eye-catching social media imagery, and messaging that ties it all together with precision and consistency.

In all the work you've done in graphic design, you've gotta have some stories! From the evolution of digital graphics to the downright fugly websites we've all landed on at least once in our surfing escapades, people want to know more about how this world works.

And a podcast is a great platform to bring those stories to life.

Not only that, a podcast is an exceptional way to explain the processes you have in place to help brands establish that ever-so-important digital presence and why your design firm is the one to help listeners do the same.

Your podcast will serve as a long-term resource that continues to pull people into your circle as long as you continue to grow and develop it.

7. Online Mental Health Providers/Therapists

We all need someone to lean on from time to time. And thanks to mental health being taken more seriously these days, talking to therapists and mental health providers has become much more accessible.

Teletherapy is now a widely accepted and utilized means of connecting with professionals that can provide guidance at the most critical times. And just like anything else, those seeking help on that level will do their due diligence before taking action.

A podcast built around the areas you specialize in can serve multiple purposes.

  • As mentioned throughout this post, it will establish trust with a potential client

  • Listening to a particular episode that covers an issue they're facing may be just enough to make a person book their first appointment

  • It will serve as a source of help and guidance for those who may not be able to afford your services just yet

  • It could literally save someone's life

8. Bars, Breweries, Restaurants

Remember COVID-19? Boy, did that time period suck in surround sound.

One industry I guarantee remembers it: Food & Drink. Bars, breweries, restaurants, and other similar gathering places felt the wrath of COVID restrictions more than anyone and, to this day, many are still working their way back from all the BS that period in our history delivered.

Now that things have gotten back to normal, people are returning to their favorite destinations, as well as discovering new ones to frequent and enjoy.

If you own and operate one of these fine establishments, you know how important it is to connect with your customers, give them a memorable experience, and keep them coming back time and time again.

A podcast is perfect for this because not only can you tell the story of your business, you can build content that elevates your visibility across social media, your website, and more.

From life in the kitchen to a day in the brewhouse to sourcing local ingredients and brands and everything in between, there's a ton of creative license at your disposal.


As I mentioned above, a podcast can fit any brand or industry. It's just a matter of finding the best way to create the content so it impacts your target audience.

At Bombtrack Media, my goal is to help busy brands and professionals like you leverage the growing podcast medium in a way that saves time and reduces stress. In addition, I focus on maximizing your output and utilizing your content to create assets that enhance your entire digital footprint.

In order to determine what will work best for your brand, I recommend we start with a brief conversation to get the ball rolling.

Click the button below to set up a free consultation or fill out the contact form and I'll be in touch with you shortly.


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