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Your Investment For Podcast Production, Coaching, and Consulting

The following is a complete breakdown of services Bombtrack Media will perform for you as we take your podcast from idea to asset. Our partnership will help you leverage the podcast medium in dynamic fashion without the need to take on a full-time podcaster’s schedule.


  • Content Planning & Development: Working closely with your podcast host(s) to plan, research, and develop content for each episode. This includes writing scripts and aiding in interview prep.

  • Recording & Editing: Managing all technical aspects of each episode’s recording, ensuring optimal sound and visual quality. This includes directing each episode, managing recording equipment, and executing post-production video and audio editing.

  • Scheduling & Publication: Overseeing the publication of each episode across major podcast directories. Creating short-form clips for promotional purposes.

  • Guest Management: Handling of all communications with potential guests - coordinate recording times, expectations, when content will go live, and ensure an overall smooth recording experience.

  • Analytics & Reporting: Monitoring of podcast engagement and performance metrics, producing reports on each season and providing recommendations to improve podcast’s performance.

  • Budget Management: Preparation and management of the podcast’s production budget, ensuring cost-effectiveness.

  • Team Coordination: Fostering a collaborative environment within your podcast team and marketing team, promoting teamwork, synergy, and effective communication.

What You'll Get

  • An authoritative podcast that serves your brand in perpetuity, fully produced in a professional studio

  • A proven strategy and process that takes your podcast from idea to publication with ease

  • 10 short-form video clips per episode for use across your digital platform

  • SEO-driven show notes and blog posts to position your podcast for growth and discoverability

  • A full-length, fully-edited video of each episode

  • A dedicated podcast producer that handles all the heavy lifting in the creation of your show

  • Ongoing support, coaching, and training to help you build your skill set on the mic

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5 Episodes

If you want to keep your production efforts on the smaller end, producing a short season with a tight focus is a powerful way to serve your brand. We will help you cultivate your ideas and produce a high-quality final product to present to your audience in multiple digital formats.




6-10 Episodes

To effectively position yourself as an authority in your space, demonstrate your expertise, and give your audience something to truly sink their teeth into, a full-length season is the only way to fly! This is our recommended approach and the best way to get the most bang for your buck.




11+ Episodes

Got a lot to say? Get it all out there in Deluxe Season format! The approach allows you to expand even deeper on ideas, topics, and pertinent information that showcases why you are THE go-to resource in your industry. Deluxe Seasons are capped at 15 episodes.



If you are already producing a podcast for your brand or plan to handle your efforts on a DIY basis, we offer monthly coaching + consulting plans to provide you with any additional assistance needed.

Areas of focus for consulting include, but are not limited to:


  • Podcast Production

  • Audio and Video Editing + Short-Form Clip Creation

  • Podcast Marketing + Advertising

  • Maximizing Podcast Content + Repurposing Best Practices

  • Utilizing AI in Podcasting

  • Podcast Guesting - How to Make the Most Impact As a Guest On Established Podcasts

What You'll Get

  • Continuous support on the aspects of podcasting that matter to you most

  • Tightly-focused 60-minute strategy calls to help you improve skills and maximize output

  • Ongoing support via Slack, voice messaging, and more

  • Access to Bombtrack Media's online communities as they come together

  • Invitations to webinars, live Q&As, and other special events

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The Gold level plan features:

✅One 60-minute strategy call

✅Access to Slack community

✅Unlimited voice messaging support

✅Free access to webinars, live Q&As, and other special events




The Diamond level plan features:

✅Two 60-minute strategy calls

✅Access to Slack community

✅Unlimited voice messaging support

✅Free access to webinars, live Q&As, and other special events




The Platinum level plan features:

✅Weekly 60-minute strategy calls

✅Access to Slack community

✅Unlimited voice messaging support

✅Free access to webinars, live Q&As, and other special events


PLEASE NOTE: All consulting plans require a minimum 3-month commitment to start and can be continued on a month-to-month basis starting the 4th month and beyond.


Schedule a free consultation and let's talk it out.

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