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How To Refer Jason Cercone

Greetings, BNI friends and family!

I set up this page to give you some material you can use when you come across anyone in your travels who may be in need of my services.

One of my favorite aspects to this method of content creation is its versatility. No matter the size of your operation or the industry you play in, positioning yourself as an authority and resource requires content that demonstrates your expertise.

Building a well-curated digital presence will help current and potential customers establish trust in you.

That's my focus at Bombtrack Media. Do you know anyone who falls into this category?

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My Ideal Referral

While my approach is pretty wide open, here are a few specific industries and specialties who can leverage podcast content in a beneficial way:

  • Lawyers, law firms, law practitioners

  • Public Relations (PR) Specialists, PR Firms

  • Financial Advisors, Financial Planners

  • Real Estate Agents & Agencies

  • Coaches & Consultants

  • Graphic Designers

  • Mental Health Providers, Therapists, Teletherapists

  • Bar Owners, Restaurant Owners, Brewery Owners

I provide more detail on why professionals in these industries should look at podcasting as a key pillar in their marketing strategy on my blog.

An ideal referral:

  • Understands the importance of being present and engaged with their existing audience, but is looking for a way to build on that connection and produce valuable content in an efficient way

  • May already have an existing podcast, but is in search of ways to create systems that allow for smoother productions and more polished final products

  • Wants to position themselves as an authority, asset, resource, and thought leader in their specific field of expertise

  • Can be 100% in experienced with no podcasting experience whatsoever (I'll show them the ropes!)

Prompts & Scripts

The average person most likely did not wake up this morning and say "Boy, I really need to start a podcast today!"

But, if they're a business owner or working hard for a company, they most likely saying, "I really want to bring in some new customers today!"

With that thought in mind, to set the table for a good referral, it's best to ask if they're looking for creative, efficient ways to grow their business, get more customers, or create better content - not whether or not they want to start a podcast.

The following are prompts & scripts you can use to warm up your prospect: if you feel they'd be a good fit for my services (of course, you don't have to use these verbatim, but they'll get you started):

Text Message

"Hey there! Are you still looking for good ways to build marketing content for your business? If so, I've got someone who can help you out. I'd be happy to introduce you!"


"Remember the other day when you were talking about finding a more efficient way to market your business? I've found the answer to all your prayers! Would you like an official introduction?"


"Hello [NAME],

I know you've told me you are always on the lookout for innovative ways to market your business and attract new customers. 

With that in mind, I met someone I'd love for you to meet!

His name is Jason Cercone, the Founder of Bombtrack Media. Jason specializes in helping brands and professionals create explosive content that elevates their thought leadership, showcases their expertise, and brings new customers in the door. 

He has a method that helps you produce content that enhances your visibility on multiple digital platforms and helps you save time and money while you do it!

If you're interested, I'd be happy to make a formal introduction. Let me know!"



I just spoke to someone that I need to introduce you to today as soon as possible. 

Remember when you told me you were looking for new ways to market your business? I've found the perfect solution for you!

Let me know if you'd like to learn more and I'll get you connected with Jason today."

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